Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 2 - Citi Soleil

And so it begins… a blog post coming from a perspective of someone who has not experienced Haiti, someone who is blessed to be where he is, with a home, clean water, air conditioning, everything I need to live comfortably, a person stepping into the antithesis of comfort…. We packed up this morning after having an amazing breakfast prepared by the Healing Haiti staff, and headed to Citi Soleil… My world was rocked as we drove into the area where we were going to be distributing water to people who needed it.  A few tears welled up as I saw children running, already with with their arms wide open, to receive me and the others as we stepped off the Tapp Tapp.  One step off the Tapp Tapp and they basically jumped into my arms, smiles as big as anything I’ve seen, just wanting to be held.  They would just stare at me smiling, looking at their reflection in my sunglasses, leaning their heads on my shoulders, kissing my neck, starved for affection and I was happy to oblige… their smiles made me smile!

The lines for the water truck were somewhat hectic, each person filling whatever they could of the precious resource we all take for granted… clean water.  I don’t think I’ll look at water the same after visiting Haiti.  Bucket after bucket, pail after pail, big or small, whatever would hold the H2O.  We were able to hit to separate areas of City Soleil, but I could’ve done that all day.

I’m here with a great group of people with hearts to serve, and I look forward to the days ahead to see how God is going to move and speak to me….

Peace, from Haiti


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