Saturday, September 19, 2015

Staff Appreciation Dinner

The Slumberland team had the privilege of treating the entire Healing Haiti staff to an Appreciation Dinner.  We have done this the last three years and it has grown into a very special night.  The Healing Haiti staff serves over a thousand people a year that "go" on a Healing Haiti missions trip.  We treated them to a dinner out at a local restaurant,  the ladies were dressed up beautifully and had great time with a photoshoot.  We had special music from Don Fadell (Don wrote a special song for the staff), Matthew and Michael sang a song, and Madam Kisnell sang a special song for the group.  We gave a gift bag to each staff person to tell them how much they are appreciated.  They are a great staff and more than deserved a special evening.

Fun was had by all!

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